What is influence

Influence has nothing to do with likes and followers...

There is currently a misconception that influence is a reference to the number of followers or likes an organisation or individual has on a social media platform. In fact, there even seems to be a belief that by simply "posting" we have affected the outcome of a situation or the behaviours of an individual.

Whilst this may be true if you are trying to sell shirts or health food products, it is not true if you are trying to build a business or relationships.

Instead you must develop acute listening skills and build situational awareness.
You must take a walk in the other persons shoes and attempt to understand their motivations and their beliefs.

You can not have a motivated team but you can have a team of motivated people.

The process of creating influence requires skill, research and incredible communications skills, all of which must be focussed by a resilient mind a willingness to fail on occasion - They can be learned!