The Leadership Hacker Podcast - featuring Tim Bradshaw

This episode of the podcast sees Tim join Steve Ruch to discuss all things leadership. Its packed full of leadership lessons including: Leaders need to make decisions under pressure, how different was that in the military and what can we learn from that. The secret sauce to resilience and overcoming challenges. Why wanting to quit is normal and how can we overcome that. Why is the military approach to leadership is a good blueprint for business.

Hey listeners! I’m Steve Rush – The Leadership Hacker.

I’m the Host and lucky guy who gets to meet all of our interesting and amazing guests on the Leadership Hacker Podcast. I’m also the Chairman of Improov Consulting, a successful boutique consulting firm where we specialise in Leadership Development, Transformation and Communication. Before leading Improov, I was lucky enough to have had a successful Executive Leadership career with several global banks where I was personally responsible for £multi-million revenue and £bn’s of funds and assets under management. I currently work for an amazing firm MSCI, leading a global transformation programme. I became a leadership coach and transformation consultant to others to pass on my learning, studies and leadership lessons.

Some tell me, I have become a global expert in leadership, transformation and communication and its from those experiences which I draw on to assist others with extremes of leadership styles. I now coach, facilitate and support leaders from junior level to international CEOs of global organisations. I’m the author my global best selling book, Leadership Cake, which is available in over 40 countries around the world – I’m very humbled and feel privileged to be in your service and to share all that is leadership with you.

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