Helping to create resilience in Ukraine

Ukraine Aid missions: How you can help and why you should care ...

Don't give up! - Ukraine - How can you help and why should you care?

Today is a significant day in terms of UK politics. As the new prime minister prepares to take office, a key factor in her success will be her ability to deal with rising fuel and food costs in the UK. Many are appealing to the government for direct support and asking for ways to reduce the cost of living. Few are suggesting solutions and fewer still are acting.

We live in an age of rapidly changing news stories. Trending stories disappear as quickly as they become live. Everything is a national crisis and on the verge of collapse. It's easy to see how catastrophic thinking sets in and people become defensive, focussing on their own needs whilst failing to see the wider picture and its knock on effects.

Companies rush to change their social media banners, release politically correct statements and all whilst discussing resilience!
We must ask ourselves what we are actually doing and where are we physically able to contribute, no matter how small it may seem.

My late father once advised me that I would always be judged by my actions over my words. Ironic as I am now a key note speaker!

In line with current trends, the war in Ukraine is taking a back seat and is no longer on trend! As a result no one is talking about the direct impact of the war on life in the UK. Despite safe sea corridors, the export of grain is still less than 50%. The squeeze on gas prices affects not only our fuel bills but it is also directly affecting Ukraines ability to produce fertiliser.

If the supply of gas remains stifled, a number of European countries will be forced to take backwards steps in terms of sustainable energy production, potentially having to resort to coal fired power stations.

All this before we discuss the loss of life, war crimes and human rights abuse which have been rife during the conflict.

During these times of high pressure it's crucial to decipher the Intelligence from the information and focus on what we can do. We are not suggesting that we are directly influencing the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine - although GoFundMe thinks otherwise! - what we are doing is everything that we physically can.

Since February, we have built networks inside Ukraine, studied the problem and focussed on what elements we can control. With the support of Vango Outdoor, Chevron Traffic Management and Stirling Trailer Centre with have continued to supply first aid equipment and ration packs to those who need it most.

I spend much of my time discussing and helping organisations develop resilience in their systems and their people. The team from Sandstone Communications and BlueSky Experiences Ltd | Team Building & Development and are not asking you to place yourself in harms way or to spend days driving vehicles.

We are asking you not to give up supporting what we are doing ...

Helping to create resilience in Ukraine