Can you afford to lose any more people?

One of the biggest costs to any business at present is a lack of retention. The associated costs of recruitment, training and loss of experience can be crippling…

It is virtually impossible to build a culture and in turn a brand with a high turnover of staff.

Corporate identity and Brand are often confused. One is a colour scheme and logo the other is a set of values and beliefs that become a culture. It is the brand that customers and staff really buy into and this is directly related to your people!

Without a resilient team you stand little chance of retaining people but without leaders that know how to foster and develop resilience you stand no chance!

Crucial to all specialist intelligence operations is an after action review (AAR). This is something that happens after every operation. The AAR takes place regardless of whether the operation was a success or failure. The aim is not to apportion blame or praise but to learn from each other, increase performance, manage risk and check in with team members thus building a culture of resilience. Crucial to a constructive AAR are, trust, a growth mindset and an understanding of the aim. We should seek to strive for success rather than be afraid to fail.

It is up to the leadership to create the circumstances in which a team can become resilient. We must set the conditions for success by ensuring our team understand why we are doing something, their role in the mission and accept that we are going to have some bad days.

Nobody is born resilient and it will ebb and flow within an individual. It needs to be developed, nurtured and supported..

In the most extreme of circumstances when already highly trained soldiers are being selected for special operations it is often resilience that is being tested. If you watch programs such as SAS: Who Dares Wins it would be easy to think that it was physical fitness that is being tested. In reality fitness should be a given and it is mental resilience that is being tested. It is not uncommon for young fit soldiers who have smashed the physical tests to receive a stand up fail. This is because the instructors are not convinced that the candidate has been tested psychologically. I am not suggesting this type of approach in a corporate environment but highlighting the value placed on resilience. It is this mindset that creates culture that in turn creates a brand.

Resilience is highly contagious! If a client sees your team being resilient and your leadership supporting those in their struggles, they are more likely to stick with you, fight alongside you and ultimately trust you.