Be courageous

You still have to find the courage to step through the door… Telling people to man up is almost as effective as telling someone to calm down! Neither are effective or constructive!

This doesn't mean we shouldn’t be leaving our comfort zones, taking risks or striving to push ourselves to higher levels of performance.

If we want to be successful in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, think brexit, pandemic, war in Ukraine, cost of living, we should expect to be constantly adjusting and adapting our perception of normal. Stepping further away from our usual comfort zone and routines. This inevitably leads to feelings of insecurity and doubt. It is also where the opportunities lie!

We should be striving for success rather than scared to fail.

It is the leaders job to ensure the team have a clear vision of what is required and why.
It is the leaders responsibility to create an environment of trust and empowerment allowing team members to utilise their own skills and ideas to improve performance.

Team members must choose to be a part of the solution rather than focussing on what has been lost and won't work.

There will always come a moment when the risks can’t be mitigated, nerves are strained and we are tempted to tell people to “man up”.

Instead invite your team to be courageous. Highlight the risks, reassure them that you have their backs provide positive direction.

You will be surprised how often people find the courage to open the next door…